After experiencing an abortion, many women need time to heal physically. But the emotional scars can go deeper and take much longer to heal.

Andrea Sosebee experienced emotional turmoil after her own experience with abortion. Through her personal healing process, she’s learned that spiritual healing after an abortion is possible.

Andrea provides a path to emotional healing after abortion with her book "Abortion Surrendered," a prayer manual for women who have experienced an abortion and anyone else who has had past experience with abortion.

Book Summary

"Abortion Surrendered" provides instructive guidelines not only for women who have had an abortion, but also for the ministers or laypersons who counsel these women. In the book, you’ll find prayers that invite the Lord's love and bring the peace of the Holy Spirit into your life.

If you’ve experienced an abortion or had any other experiences with abortion, prayer and forgiveness can provide you with a way to find peace and freedom and to live a full life. "Abortion Surrendered" gives you the guidelines you need to pray powerfully for yourself and for your family.

About the Author

If you're experiencing emotional pain after your abortion or after having any past connections with abortion, Pastor Andrea Sosebee knows exactly how you feel. She too experienced that pain. As she sought the Lord through prayer, she began to find peace, healing, and comfort from the Holy Spirit.

Andrea was inspired to write "Abortion Surrended" to help others find emotional healing after abortion. You can 
contact her with any questions or concerns you may have.

"Abortion Surrendered" is available on
 Amazon.com. Buy it today and begin the healing process you’ve been yearning for.

​​​​O LORD my God,

I called

to you

for help

and You  healed me.

    Psalm 30:2   

Emotional Healing after Abortion

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